Nature is a design process.
Water is the creative designer of living space.
Landscape is living space that is perceived and reshaped by humankind.
Aquatecture is design that reconciles processes of
humans and nature by the flow of water.
Since humans are nature.

Vision Statement

Landscape and their ecosystems produce valuable services that form the major foundation of economy and society. On a daily basis they regenerate „basic services“, such as clear water, fertile soil, fresh air and moderate climate. From this we draw drinking water and industrial water, extract food and raw materials. Every day they also regenerate „well-being services“ such as aesthetic patterns, lively diversity and atmospheric settings. From this we draw recreation, inspiration and identification.
The flow and circulation of water has a decisive influence on whether these services regenerate permanently. It is influenced by the management of the landscape or the design of technical infrastructures in the city.

It was not people who invented land management and economic activity. All living communities manage their location. Trees pump water, beavers build dams, insects spread seeds and pollen. Mosses form reservoirs, earthworms soil particles and fungi develop widely branched information networks, etc. All organisms consume energy and convert material.
This means: Wilderness is also economy. Ecosystems are also infrastructures. Cities and industries are also landscapes.

To understand “artificial” and “natural” again as a unity is both a concern and a creative potential in our consulting and design projects. How can regenerative landscapes and cities, including their infrastructures, develop and thereby form a common and stable economic basis for human societies and other living communities? And how can people play an active role in shaping their living environment? These questions are exemplary and motivate our work.

Our clientele includes a wide variety of sectors that have an impact on the landscape and engage in its sustainable development, e.g. architects and urban planners, industrial companies, politics and administration, engineers, agriculture and forestry and other organisations. Oriented towards the flow and functions of water, we realize renewable landscapes that not only provide space for living and business, produce food and raw materials, but also regenerate clear water, a stable climate and a relaxing ambience.

Our approach is to design life and economic activities – ranging from water and material flows, management methods and blue-green infrastructures to communication and actor platforms – in such a way that they promote regenerative landscape services.

With this in mind, we develop and design, advice and train, manage, plan and build and continue to spin the “blue thread”.


… because the earth is blue.

Berlin 2014, Anja Bruell & Grit Buergow