Aquatectura : Coordination of the work packages 'Training materials and Training' as experts of the International Ecological Engineering Society

Duration : 2005-2008

Location : Europe

Year : 2008

Safe use of wastewater and sludge for biomass production in short rotation coppice – sustainable agroforestry with willows and poplars.

EU research project in the 6th Framework Programme.

Information on the project can be found via the project partners  EUBIA and TTZ.


Publication Manual:

BIOPROS (2008): Short Rotation Plantations. Guidelines for efficient biomass production with safe application of wastewater and sewage sludge. EU Collective Research Project 2005–2008, Heinsoo, K., Dimitriou, I., Foellner, S., Buergow, G. (Hrsg.), Brussels.

We send information and training materials on request.

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