Flussfilter Garten

Aquatectura : Installation and public talks

Location : Berlin

Year : 2010

DAS NUMEN artists invited us to colaborate in their H2O project – an experimental installation testing the transformation of Spree river water into drinking water quality with the help of plants, micro-organism, mussels, mushrooms, and other biological agents. This ‘Über Lebenskunst Initiative‘ at the House of Cultures Berlin was chosen out of 100 project applications within the Call for Future and sponsored for 1 year by Kulturstiftung des Bundes. For the H2O project we contributed with a Spree river filter garden – a swimming garden plant filter in a box.

During the Über Lebenskunst Festival, we were invited to the H2O Talk at the Aktionstag at August 20, 2010 and publically discussed issues of the commons and water as daily-life medium.